RCAC Weekly issue 30/2017

I would like to welcome all came to worship on Sunday, especially Lilian Lu (Grace Ni’s friend) from Shanghai and a group of Chinese students. Also welcome Nina Sechang coming back to visit during summer break.

Here is the summary of the message on 7/23 The Wisdom and Power of God – 1 Corinthians 1:18 – 31

What are people looking for in the world today?

They are looking for prosperity, better living and freedom. In the bottom of their heart, they seek peace, love and happiness.

God answer to the world is: CHRIST

In Christ, we have peace, joy and love. Through the inner change, one at a time, we are being transformed in His likeness.

The Church is the “Body of Christ”, with Christ as the head. So we are the presence of Christ on earth and continue to do His ministry through the Spirit who is within the “the Body”.  the wellness of Christ affects the society and world. we live.  In Christ we can have a better society. It be possible through the love of Christ and through witness of the Church. We see it in history, the Spirit is in action.


Praise the LORD and thanks Lawrence Tai for giving us a testimony and report on the STM in C. Please continue to remember our STM team for the Youth Camp in QD this week.

Basketball game today 5:00 pm. Come join us to have some fun!

Grace Chinese Alliance Church invited our youth and their parents to join in their Managing Relationships Workshop on August 12th. Event flyers in church lobby.

Our biennial church retreat will be held at Thousand Pines Retreat Center Oct 27th to Oct 29th.  The early bird registration cost will be $100/adult, $90/child age 3-11. A day camper participation option will be available for $50/person. Stay tune for more information and registration details. We will have the registration of the Retreat ready soon.

July 23, 2017