RCAC Weekly Issue 21/2017

Dear RCAC family:

Welcome everyone coming to worship on Sunday (5/21).

Key points of the message on May 21 – Enjoy Peace and Joy in Christ – Romans 5:1-11

Our peace and joy is received through God’s love that sent His only Son to us while we are sinning, Christ died for us, so there is reconciliation through sufferings of Christ.  It is also through our faith in Christ.

God expects us to reconcile with the others and with the world after we reconcile with Him.

Our basis for forgiveness (in this passage):

  • God’s sacrificial love
  • Work of the Spirit
  • Hope of future glory


  • Is there someone in your life that you know you need to extend forgiveness?
  • Extending forgiveness is the key to healing




Pastor will attend General Council of C&MA from May 29 to June 4 at Columbus Ohio.  He will present the GCF offering during the mission rally.  Thank you for your offering to support Mission. May the LORD bless you as you bless the others and participate in the work of the Kingdom

There is no Wednesday Morning Bible 5/31 (Pastor will be in General Council)

This year is our 26th Anniversary.  We are planning to have a Church Retreat in Oct. Also,  we are planning to take a group photo on June 11 to celebrate.  Please reserve your time and come

We will planning to have BBQ lunch on June 18 to celebrate Father’s Day.  More information will come.

The youth summer camp will be held at Pine Springs Ranch Christian Youth Camp & Retreat Center on June 15-18.  Please see Megan Ma if you have any questions.

May 25,2017