RCAC Weekly Issue 14/2018

Welcome everyone who came for the Easter Service on April 1, 2018.  Congratulations and praise the LORD for Tony Tang’s baptism and Mayling Lu becoming member of RCAC

***** Thanks everyone for coming early to prepare for the service and baptism *****

We celebrated the Resurrection of our LORD Jesus Christ.  Here is the summary of the message: Christ, the first fruits – 1 Corinthians 15:20-28

From this passage, we learn that resurrection means:

  1. Christ is the true Son of God. He is better than Adam. He is obedient and eternal life come from Christ
  2. Christ is the King of kings and LORD of lords. Christ claims victory over all the spiritual authorities, He overcomes the last enemy – death. He presents the Kingdom to God the Father and gives glory to Him
  3. Christ is the first fruits of the resurrection and we will follow


Resurrection gives us:

  1. Reason to live a holy life
  2. Courage to face any adversity
  3. Mission to work on in this life
  4. Hope for the future






4/6 Friday

  • 5:00 pm Basketball time at church
  • 7:00 pm Friday Night Fellowship.

Family fellowship will be held at Sun and Wei’s residence 4/7 Saturday 5:00 pm. Dinner is potluck

4/8 Board of ministries meeting after church

Spring Cleanup is scheduled to April 21 (Saturday). Please reserve your time to come. We need your help

We would like to encourage brothers and sisters to take Holy Communion together in the sanctuary.  We will only serve Holy Communion in the sanctuary


We will organize a Church outing on May 21 (More information will come)