Devotional – Do the right thing – James 4:17

“17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” James 4:17

As Christian, you may be careful not to do the wrong thing. Follow what the Bible says and you may feel that is okay.  But God’s standard is much higher.  He requires us to do the right thing.  Even more, if you don’t do what ought to do, it is considered as sin.

This passage gives us a great reminder; especially applying to the Kingdom’s work – the ministry.  God gives us opportunity to do His work.  He leads people to us and we ought to be prepared and grasp the opportunity and preach the gospel.  If we don’t do that, the opportunity will be gone and it is a matter of salvation, life or death. It is therefore, SIN.

When I ponder on this, I think we won’t intentionally sin, but there could be a few reasons why we don’t do the right thing:  It could be we are lack of faith, not enough commitment, thinking too much about our own matters and forget about the church and the ministry or simply slacking.  For all these, may the LORD forgive our sins.   LORD, I pray that you will continue to give us opportunity to do your work.  Your Spirit helps us to accomplish the task you have given us.