Devotional – “Deny yourselves” Leviticus 16:29

Five times in Leviticus talks about “deny yourself”.  All of the context of these scriptures is related to worship.  So we know it is the proper attitude of coming close to the LORD. to serve Him and worship Him.  Now what does it mean by “deny yourself”:

  • To be humble
  • Not to focus on yourselves
  • Also not to think of your own problem, shortcomings or burdens

That is not to be self-centered but to move to God-centered.  It is an everyday attitude and especially when we come to worship God.   In the New Testament, Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”  Matthew 16:24.  Not to think about ourselves, our plan, our interest and our desires but God’s plan, His interest and His desires.

What a difficult (if not impossible) thing to do? Who would be able to do that? Yet Jesus demands all of us to do that, to deny ourselves and take up the cross.  To follow Jesus is to follow Him with the cross.


Dear LORD Jesus, we are not able to do what you require of us.  Have mercy on us and help us with your Spirit that we can follow you with the cross.

May 25, 2017