Chinese Fellowship 中文團契

我們希望在教會大家庭裡 , 能給予講中文的人士歸屬感, 引導及給予他們機會得到靈命上的長進. 中文團契每月最後一周會在教友的家有一次特別聚會。 因著上帝的愛,我們也邀請你加入我們的大家庭,一同經歷上帝豐盛的恩典與慈愛。

Chinese Fellowship hosts a gathering at a congregation member’s home once every month (usually the last Saturday of that month). Special Events and gatherings are often held during holidays. Chinese fellowship is a great way to connect and grow with brothers and sisters who speak either Mandarin or Cantonese.

For more information please contact Brother Bobby at