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Precious Moments (Prayer Meeting)

Let’s get started in here!

The Holy Spirit always encourages us when we come to pray!

He is the fountain of joy, love and power!

You can be a channel of God’s blessings to the others.  Pray!

I invite you to come, join us in prayer 9:00 am Sunday at church.


Prayer Guide for our Missionary


Pray that people will know Jesus through the ministry. Pray for those who had already heard the message that they will commit their lives to Christ.

Pray for the local churches will reach out for those how have spiritual need.  Pray that they will have unity in preaching the Good News

Pray for effective training and more will be equipped for counseling ministry

Pray the Missionary children that they love the LORD and they walk in the way pleasing to Him.  Pray for the future. One will be going to college this year and more will go to college in the next few years.

Pray for the financial needs and all other unspoken needs.

February 11, 2016